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Now: Focus for Growth (Was: Transform Your Passion from Splattered to Scattering Effectively!)

A Session by Linda Goldfarb and Marnie Swedberg

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About This Session

Linda Goldfarb has a family emergency, so Marnie is stepping in to cover this session.

It was: Understanding the concept of "your next best step" is vital when organizing your time. This session helps you discover keys to incorporating priority boundaries pertaining to your Calling, Audience, Time, Budget, and Family.

It is now: Focus for Growth. Especially with banks failing and today's uncertainty, you'll enjoy this session where Marnie uses Scripture to inspire, equip and excite you to focus your heart on Jesus going forward as you apply all the time management strategies you're learning here today.

About The Speakers

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Linda Goldfarb

Linda Goldfarb

Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Clarity Coach

Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Clarity Coach

Marnie Swedberg

Marnie Swedberg

Mentor to Millions, Author, Speaker, Collaborator & Coach

Courage, Clarity & Collaborations Mentor to Millions

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